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Diane Arnold has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in west side neighborhoods. She previously served as Director of the Hawthorne Community Center, in the heart of District 4. The summer programs started at Hawthorne to minimize summer learning loss and improve bilingual education were a factor in the parent support for her.

Diane has had our backs in District 4, but she is not resting on her laurels. She is looking to the future and working to change IPS for the better. While Trump has instilled fear in immigrant families in our city, Diane Arnold has stood up to racist fearmongering and will continue to work to ensure IPS schools are a welcoming, safe place for students of all backgrounds.

Positive change to improve struggling schools

Raising teacher pay and hiring great teachers

Improving the high school experience, especially at George Washington

The people elected to the IPS board need to listen to parents like me when we tell them what our children need. Diane Arnold responded to a group of parents I was a part of and completed a survey we sent her. The other candidate in this district didn’t take the time to complete the survey from parents and I don’t think she will take time to listen to parents later.”

Sasha Robertson, IPS parent

Diane Arnold will fight for us

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What does the IPS school board do?

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