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Kenneth Allen

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Kenneth Allen


Kenneth Allen truly understands the equity challenges IPS faces. Black and Brown students don’t get the same level of education or the same level of treatment as other kids in the same school system. He has plans to make teacher pay competitive and agrees that teachers and school leaders should all have racial bias training. He also realized that a lot of students learn better when they have teachers and school leaders that look like them and the curriculum correctly covers their own histories.

He’s the current chair of the Indiana Commission on the Social Status of Black Males and started his own first business at 12 years old. By 15, he was a certified entrepreneur instructor.

Attract and Retain
Great Teachers

Turn Around Schools that are Failing to Serve our Black and Brown Children

Connect More High School Students to Internships and Career Pathways

“A lot of my friends are also IPS parents and agree that not all schools are setup with enough behavioral supports. My son gets bored and needs to be more challenged. I am telling my friends to vote for Kenneth Allen because I think he will listen to parents and make sure our kids aren’t just written off as bad kids.”

Cassa Moore, IPS parent

I’m telling my friends to vote for Kenneth Allen

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What does the IPS school board do?

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